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During the three weeks of the NZ Comedy Festival, there is a real buzz of comedy. On any given night, you can look up a range of offerings on the Festival's website. But outside of these few weeks, there is still a lot of comedy happening. A diverse bunch of theatre, stand-up, improv, street performers, quiz nights, puppetry, magic and so on. These events are publicised between Facebook, Eventfinder, ticket sellers, venue websites and surprisingly often – not at all. It was and still is ad-hoc and haphazard.

I made The Comedy Index to promote and bring the comedy happening all around the country into one place. The public could see a calendar of events organised by area. You could filter acts by their style. You could follow and look up certain performers or list shows by venue. As a comic, you could get insights into the range of ticket prices for a venue. You could find appropriately sized venues if you wanted to tour a show. You could see all the open mics that were happening in your area, who to contact and so on. The Comedy Index brought together an enormous amount of information. Within the year that it ran there were over 12,000 events.

Made by Betsy

Maarten Idema III

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