Having enjoyed the design that I made for their wholesale website, Icon Textiles came back for a completely new venture. This time selling their own brand of textiles and interiors straight to the end user – under a separate and new company name: Dotmagnus.

The brand was a very literal interpretation of the name. A dot. When it came time to make the site I really needed to tease out the narrative that would drive the design. I discovered coincidences with the owner's names, the products colour range, and an idea that home is the centre of your world. It all pointed to an idea of ‘middle’.  I designed and build Dotmagnus a bespoke Shopify eCommerce site, that expressed this idea with navigation, images, and login fields that aligned to the centre. Soft, slow comfortable fade-ins. A site expressing the virtues of middle: calm, together, harmonious, centred, and zen.

Made at Mount Deluxe

Maarten Idema III

022 697 1672

Dotmagnus – home page
Dotmagnus – Home page below the fold
Dotmagnus – cart
Dotmagnus – navigation menu
Dotmagnus – Cart responsive
Dotmagnus - Home page concept
Dotmagnus – Product collection concept
Dotmagnus – Product concept
Pam — A typeface for street maps
Sloane — Pictograms for the British Museum