High Protein Breakfast Company

The desire to create a high protein muesli for herself turned into a startup venture. Genuinely passionate about her product, Liz attributes her weight loss success to this muesli and loves sharing both the education around protein and this premium breakfast with others.

As a startup venture the High Protein Breakfast Company where looking for an affordable way to bring their new product range to market. I sourced packaging that would fit this bill. Looked at production issues and designed around them. Spot colour pre-perforated stickers allowed the first ton of product to be hand packed and labelled. 

I wanted the product to have a slight medical look – something serious. After all, this is serious nutrition – no compromises, no fillers, no artificial ingredients. So proud was Liz of her products nutrition that I made a feature out of the nutritional table by placing it front and centre on the packet. Nothing to hide. Simple, honest and one of the first things you see. 

Made at Mount Deluxe

Maarten Idema III

022 697 1672

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